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Fear the Walking Dead cast and crew tease 'different show' at Comic-Con panel

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Jul 20, 2018, 5:07 PM EDT (Updated)

The cast and showrunners of Fear the Walking Dead turned up at Comic-Con's Hall H during their mid-season break to address those huge deaths (spoilers below) and what lies ahead for the rest of Season 4.

Asked whether there could be room for any more crossover characters after this season's importation of Morgan (Lennie James) from The Walking Dead, executive producer Scott M. Gimple said, "It's a shared universe so I never say never," adding, "Anything is possible."

As for the time-jumping nature of the first half of Season 4, showrunner Ian Goldberg said, "That structure was really exciting for us," but did not specify whether the program would continue with that format. 

The continuing efforts to differentiate Fear the Walking Dead from the Walking Dead mothership was the general theme of the panel, which took place today ahead of the show's Aug. 12 return.

The panel got off to a humorous start with a blooper reel before moderator Yvette Nicole Brown brought out the main cast, the showrunners and the executive producers and then introduced the new trailer for the back end of Season 4.

That trailer was a strange mix of tones — as would anything involving a tornado of zombies, we suppose — and got a sort of muted response from the audience, which makes sense in the context of executive producer Greg Nicotero saying that FTWD has become a "different show."

"We want to make sure that Fear has its own identity, so the walker gags are different, everything we do is to make it a different experience," adds Nicotero, who says that his team of visual effects and make-up artists has also stepped up its efforts in the second half.

Showrunner Andrew Chambliss also hinted at the arrival of a new antagonist, teasing, "This person or persons may know our characters even better than they do and have some insights into them that the characters themselves don't have yet."

Colman Domingo (Strand) makes his directorial debut in the second half of the season, with fellow cast members like Lennie James praising his work and Chambliss saying, "We got his director's cut of the episode and were blown away."

Another episode in the back half will be centered around Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), with Debnam-Carey pointing out that the character is now the only one left from the pilot following the deaths of her mother (Kim Dickens) and her brother (Frank Dillane). "It's a capsule episode where we really get inside her mind," she said, adding, "We poured out hearts into that episode."

New characters, some possible new settings and a shaken-up narrative arc — can Fear the Walking Dead stand on its own? We'll find out on Aug. 12. 

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