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Fear the Walking Dead gets its own real-life beer and naturally blood orange is a key ingredient

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Oct 15, 2018, 10:02 AM EDT

Jim Brauer's time on Fear the Walking Dead was short-lived, but his much-sought-after beer recipe survived. And soon fans can get a taste of the elusive brew. Wicked Weed Brewing has announced plans for a new craft beer based on a storyline featured on the AMC zombie drama this past summer.

Scheduled to be released in January, the Original Augie's Ale is inspired by the beer of brewer Jim Brauer (played by 12 Monkeys vet Aaron Stanford), who had a key role in the recently concluded fourth season. Unfortunately Jim didn't survive, but his beer recipe was a hot commodity and an integral plot point during the final episodes.

When Jim was first introduced, he explained to Morgan (Lennie James) that beer — thanks to simple ingredients, pleasantly intoxicating side effects, and a relatively sanitary nature — has a tradition as an integral part of developing societies dating back thousands of years. "History is built on beer," Jim said. "We are back to a time where a safe and sterile source of hydration and nutrition is needed. Yeah, it is the staff of life. We were nomads. Beer made us settle and become farmers."


Credit: Wicked Weed Brewing

When AMC and its licensing partner Silver Screen Bottling Company approached Wicked Weed earlier this year, Joe Pawelek, the company's head of brewing operations and a fan of The Walking Dead and Fear, jumped at the opportunity. The challenge was to come up with a beer that would appeal to real-world drinkers but still seem feasible to produce in a decimated society. "We had to wrap our heads around the post-apocalyptic," Pawelek tells SYFY Wire. "We were trying to source ingredients from what would be around, what this guy could use."

The Asheville, North Carolina-based Wicked Weed team received precious few details about the plot from AMC, but they decided that — this being a horror show — blood orange had to be a key part of the recipe. "We kept coming back to it, what is the one ingredient that we need for a zombie beer," Pawelek says with a laugh. "Luckily it's citrus and it tastes great." Other key elements in the farmhouse ale are grapefruit and agave nectar.

Naturally Pawelek thinks the beer subplot fit perfectly into a show about rebuilding society. "Beer is always something that unites people," he says. "It's the universal communal beverage."

Six-packs of The Original Augie's Ale cost $12.99 and can be preordered at augiesale.com. The beer (which will feature the phrase "Beer the Walking Dead" on its packaging) is scheduled to be shipped in early January.