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Fear the Walking Dead: 'I Lose People...' is not as sad as it sounds. Just boring.

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Sep 23, 2018, 10:01 PM EDT

In this episode...

Alicia and Charlie go looking for a boat or a canoe to use to rescue John and Strand. Along the way, Martha shoots at them -- then collapses from her own bullet wound. Charlie recognizes her voice as the one who threatened Morgan, and because they know Morgan wanted to save her, instead of leaving her to die, they tie her up and take her in the SWAT van to rescue John and Strand. They easily drive the van through the floodwaters.

Since they have Martha, they radio to Morgan, informing him it is safe to talk. He tells them where they are, and John, Strand, Alicia, and Charlie go to the hospital to rescue Morgan and his crew. Morgan creates a distraction so Luciana, Sarah, Wendell, and June can make it out of the hospital safely. But that leaves Morgan on the roof, unable to escape. Alicia has a search and rescue truck with a ladder, but Morgan still has to make a daring jump in order to make it onto the ladder and get down to the ground. Of course, the zombies are swarming, so Jim decides to be a last-minute hero and throws himself off the building, creating enough of a distraction that everyone can escape.

A boring, sappy episode

I don't know why, but the sappiness of this episode really got to me. It made me angry. I don't understand this thing the humans call "feelings," so I clearly don't process it well. But aside from that, it felt manipulative. It felt hackneyed. It just didn't feel authentic.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Jim's sudden change of heart

This was especially aggravating, because you knew it was coming. He was clearly going to sacrifice himself at the last minute, but you had to sit and wait while he stews in his own ego before he comes to his senses.

Morgan loves playing the martyr

Morgan spends a good chunk of this episode talking about how he needs to make up for things in his life. This has been well established over the run of the season, but Morgan was just harping on it tonight. It was like, "I get it. You love playing the martyr. Maybe the way you make it up to people is you shut up about it."


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Morgan's "daring" escape

The ladder doesn't reach to the roof, so Morgan has to come down a floor. He does so by rappelling down a story, where a zombie breaks through a window and attacks him. Morgan can't get to his knife, but John shoots the zombie dead from three or four stories below. Then Morgan makes a tremendous leap onto the platform before he is lowered to the ground. The music tells me it is meant to be death-defying and really exciting... but the images just don't convey that to me.