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Fear the Walking Dead season finale goes out with a whisper, not a bang

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Sep 30, 2018

In This Episode...

Al is not dead. She got out through the basement and is hiding out in a parking garage when she finds a working camcorder and a walkie-talkie and calls out to Morgan and the crew. Martha surprises her, knocks her out, and leaves a video warning for Morgan. Morgan's crew goes back and finds Al -- and the video from Martha. The crew camps out for the night, and Morgan, obsessed with the video, decides he needs to go back and try to save Martha.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Back at mile marker 54, Morgan finds zombie Jim in a car and kills him, then finds Martha passed out in a field. Her bullet wound is badly infected and she is getting worse. Morgan insists on helping her, dragging her into the car and taking her to meet his crew at Polar Bear's distribution center. Martha fights him the whole way, refusing antibiotics and refusing to talk to Morgan. At last she opens up and tells him about her husband, and how no one would help them. June comes over the radio and tells Morgan that everyone is sick. Martha consents to taking the antibiotics, but instead grabs Morgan by the arm and forces him to swerve off the road.

When Morgan wakes, Martha has written "Lose people, lose myself" on his forehead, and has stabbed him in the leg, pinning him to the ground. She taunts him, trying to get him to kill her. If he kills her, he will become what he was; if she kills him, she gets her way. It's a win/win for Martha.

June figures out that someone has poisoned the water, and Martha admits that she poisoned them with antifreeze. This enrages Morgan, and he throws her to the ground, fully intending to strangle her to death. Then he sees the words written on his forehead and stops. He handcuffs Martha to the car. He won't kill her, but won't let her kill anyone else. He sets out on foot to meet his friends at the truck stop. The cure for antifreeze poisoning is ethanol. There is a tanker truck full of it at the truck stop, but an attempt to collect it fails.


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Ethanol is just a type of alcohol. Morgan returns with a case of Jim's beer and everyone gets drunk while they detox. But then Morgan goes back to where he left Martha. Her arm is dangling from the handcuff, while zombie Martha wanders the road. Morgan kills her, then returns to his friends. He has decided he is not going to Alexandria, but he has written down instructions for the others, but he has decided he wants to continue Polar Bear's work. He turned an out-of-the-way denim factory into a staging area. The entire crew decides to stay with Morgan and help him, but Alicia wants to turn this place into something more, a sanctuary (not the fake kind from TWD).  They crew up three trucks, and Morgan announces over the radio that anyone can hear him, to hang on. "Help is on the way."

Lost Cause

This episode makes me sad, because Morgan just won't give up on Martha. I know I have no empathy, but I just don't understand why Morgan is so dedicated to trying to save Martha. Maybe that really does make him weak. He needs to learn that sometimes you have to understand when something is a lost cause.


I've been willing to look the other way on a lot of things. There is a certain suspension of disbelief that comes along with enjoying a zombie show. I can accept that the walkie-talkies have long battery lives... but the camera that Al found in the news van. Come on. That van had to have been abandoned for weeks, probably longer. I refuse to believe that a camera that is nearly a decade old has batteries that can hold a charge for a week.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Did Martha know Morgan before?

She speaks of him like she has known him, like she has been following him for years. Is she just making assumptions based on what she has observed of him over the last few days/weeks? Does her insanity make her think she can read minds? I find it strange that she was so taken by Morgan.

Martha had a weak ending.

The detached arm was fun, but it kind of ended on a whimper. I would have liked to see her as the "Big Bad" for the next season, and have her leading a cult of people who believe the same nonsense she does. Because really, that is what The Walking Dead universe is missing right now -- a nutty Jim Jones/Charlie Manson cult leader.

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