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Fear the Walking Dead: The characters converge as they try to avoid the insane Filthy Woman

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Sep 9, 2018

In This Episode...

Morgan, June, and the rest of the big rig crew are back at mile marker 21, looking for Quinn. They kill a walker and see that it has "Take what you need" written on its face. The Filthy Woman comes over the radio, and Morgan recognizes her voice. He is concerned when she knows his name and knows "what he is capable of."

We spend more time with others this week. Luciana comes across a man, Clayton, who was in a car wreck during the storm. She finds him stuck in his car, the crushed dashboard the only thing holding him together. Desperate to do some good, she promises to fulfil his last wish: He wants a beer. She looks far and wide, and finally finds one -- in one of Morgan's boxes. Clayton has his beer, and he reveals that he used to be a truck driver. He doesn't say it specifically, but the audience can gather that he was the owner of the truck Sarah and Wendell stole. After Clayton dies, Luciana calls the emergency channel she found written on the box to thank them for the beer. Morgan recognizes her voice.


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John and Strand are stuck together on some tiny island with a ranger station after a flash flood traps them there. Strand is happy to sit and be miserable while he waits for the waters to recede. John builds a raft, but it is of poor quality. Then they discover there is an alligator living in the water that surrounds them. John finds a camper shell and makes Strand retrieve it for him, and turns it into a stable boat. He convinces Strand to escape with him, but the alligator attacks and they are forced to return to the island.

Elsewhere, Charlie has found the box with the emergency channel on it, and calls it -- much to Alicia's chagrin. But then she hears Morgan's voice on the other end, and he is going to come collect them. Filthy Woman breaks in and warns them that she gave them the chance to be strong. The truck is on the road now... and Al's SWAT van is coming up on them quickly. Morgan warns everyone to get down, because the Filthy Woman opens fire on them.

The end message felt a little bit like Sesame Street or something like that.

In response to the Filthy Woman, Morgan insists that she is wrong. "Helping doesn't make us weak. It makes all of us stronger." I swear I have heard that message on Sesame Street or Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.


Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Wendell's killer wheelchair

If you have to be in a wheelchair, make it an apocalypse wheelchair. Wendell's chair is kitted out with spikes that pop out of the back, allowing him to impale zombies that sneak up on him. Then he just turns around and knocks them out with a large metal spike. I wonder what other toys and gadgets his wheelchair has.

I wanted more alligator.

We don't get much of him -- I assume it was an expensive proposition. We first get the inkling that an alligator is in the water when a zombie wanders out and attacks John. It has a huge bite-shaped chunk missing from its torso. But then, other than a glimpse of its eyes, and a blur of it beneath the water, we don't get to see it. The zombies he eats all come to him; he doesn't even surface for them. When he attacks John's "boat," we just see the boat being knocked over from under the water. I hope next week the alligator actually comes out of the water.He can't stay underwater forever.

Filthy Woman is like a religious zealot. 

Her insistence that people are weak, that she is making them strong, reminds me of evangelical Christians, the ones who insert themselves into your own private business because they want to save your soul or something. Like, why does this woman care if people are weak? How does that affect her? Does she believe that it makes her strong? I don't understand what her endgame is... but then again, I don't understand the endgame of a lot of religious people, either.

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