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Fear the Walking Dead: the colors of death

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Apr 30, 2018, 6:31 PM EDT (Updated)

Rather than just recapping the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead, each week we are going to break it down into the most interesting, weird, delightful, and mind-boggling bits.

This week, we take a look at Episode 403: "Good Out Here." Check out our breakdown of last week's episode here.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

Fear the Walking Dead episode 403 - Luciana and John walking

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Nick's dead

Well, that was fast. Three episodes into the season, and they are already killing off a major character. I never quite got over how obnoxious Nick was in the first two seasons, so I don't think I'm really going to miss him. Charlie is totally going to be messed up over this.

Is Madison dead, too?

In "flashbacks," we see the importance of the blue bonnets, when Nick found them while out with his mom. Nick, in the "now," seems particularly taken by those blue bonnets. He seems to get really emotional when he sees them. I think that this suggests that Madison is dead. It will be one of those things that, because of the time jumps, we won't find out until the end of the season that Madison is really dead. Perhaps she died on that trip with Nick where they found the blue bonnets.

The importance of Al's work

I find it strange that so many people seem so against telling their stories to Al. If it is because they don't want to admit to the horrible things they have done, I can accept that (though it's not like there is a justice system in place to punish you). But the reason that every one of them gives is "Who will see it?" To me, this comes across that all of these people think that this is humanity's extinction. If they thought humanity had any chance of moving past the zombie apocalypse, they would accept that, eventually, television and electricity and all the other modern comforts would return, and it is important to have historical records of this time. 

It reminds me of the Shoah project, to document the stories of Holocaust survivors before they all die. It is happening fast, and in the next 20 years or so, they will probably all be dead. If you face the daily threat of death in FTWD, whether it is by human or zombie or natural causes, wouldn't you want your story to be told?

Fear the Walking Dead episode 403 - Morgan practicing with his stick

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Morgan was becoming Nick's mentor

It was very sweet. Morgan was trying to situate himself as Nick's mentor. I think that he thought it would help dig his soul out of the muck if he could be a good influence on someone else. Also, it showed that Morgan was warming up to these people, and was relenting on his need to be completely alone. I hope Nick's death doesn't send him back down the rabbit hole.

The colors

There was some interesting color theory going on in this episode. The "flashback" scenes, with Nick and Madison, are bright and saturated. The "current" scenes are so desaturated they almost look black and white. But there are two items that are intensely saturated in the "now" scenes: the blue bonnets and the Vulture's El Camino. This adds to the suggestion that Madison is dead. Both the car and the blue bonnets were things that Nick knew when Madison was alive. The flowers were good; the car was less good. Either way, they both represent things he knew when his mom was alive, when his "life had color." 

Dead space

There was a lot of dead space in this episode. Time wasted bouncing back and forth between different splinter groups; flashbacks to a "happier" time (at least a time with better color saturation); minor arguments about whether or not they will share their stories with Al. It felt like a lot of wasted time while we got to what was really the main event of the episode: Nick's death.

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