Fear the Walking Dead episode 406 - horde of zombies
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Fear the Walking Dead: The truth about Naomi's daughter

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May 20, 2018, 10:01 PM EDT

Rather than just recapping the most recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead, each week we are going to break it down into the most interesting, weird, delightful, and mind-boggling bits.

This week, we take a look at Episode 406: "Just in Case." Check out our breakdown of last week's episode here.

Fear the Walking Dead episode 406 - Naomi shoots a zombie

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What really happened to Naomi's daughter

Finally, the truth comes out, and it is pretty bad - kind of makes all of Naomi's worry seem worth it. She and her daughter, Rose, were at a FEMA shelter. She was determined to keep her safe after Rose's father died just after things fell apart. Things seemed to go well at the shelter, but then Rose fell ill. At first it was just a cough, but then it developed into full-blown pneumonia. Naomi hid her daughter away and sneaked out to find some antibiotics. She was gone for three days, but she found the medicine. Unfortunately, it was too late. Rose was in worse shape than Naomi thought when she left, and she died later that night. By the next day she had turned, and she infected everyone else in the shelter.


There was a lot of "just in case-ing" going on tonight. I feel like the show was trying to make JIC, the abbreviation, a "thing." I guess it is less dire or angry than, say, "survivalist" or something like that. I personally have never heard the abbreviation used like it was some known thing.

I still think Madison is dead

The Land Rover, and Alicia's reaction to it kind of prove it. Madison specifically told Alicia (in the "Before" scenes) to pack up the Land Rover, just in case. If Naomi was driving it, it stands to reason that Madison was killed. On top of that, Alicia kind of overreacts to seeing Naomi driving the car. So she obviously thinks that Madison is dead. Unless, of course, this is all a trick...

Fear the Walking Dead episode 406 - John and Morgan

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Al just films

So Morgan and John meet up with the SWAT van, and Alicia, Victor, and Luciana hold them at gunpoint. And what does Al do? She just records. Not cool, Al. Not cool. It reminds me of the paparazzi who chased Princess Diana, led to her car crash, and instead of helping, just stood around taking photos.

Madison inspires Victor; Victor inspires Madison

It's kind of cute. Madison has inspired Victor to be a better person. He always thinks of himself only. He is still surprised that Madison not only saved him from drowning, but she nursed him back to health. No matter how often he tries to screw her over, she doesn't give up on him. At the same time, though, some of Victor's selfish behavior is starting to rub off on Madison, as evidenced by her telling Alicia to pack a "just in case" car.

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