Fear the Walking Dead: "Wrong information is going to be an essential element of what we explore"

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Jul 15, 2015, 5:41 PM EDT

The full trailer for Fear the Walking Dead helped set up how the spinoff will differ from the flagship series, but producer David Alpert has opened up about another intriguing angle they plan to explore.

When Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) woke up in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead, he had virtually zero information at his disposal. Everything he learned, he pretty much had to figure out. That half-rotted corpse crawling toward you? Don’t touch it, it’ll kill you. That was the extent of his knowledge before running into Morgan. But, for the survivors on Fear the Walking Dead, it’ll be a very different situation.

Alpert opened up about how they plan to explore the impact mass media, information and misinformation will have on the zombie outbreak as it unfolds. From social media to major news outlets — how would they cover the story if people started coming back to life and eating other people? It’s a fascinating concept, and one the main series never really had a chance to explore. Check out an excerpt from what he told Collider on the topic:

"The flow of misinformation in the modern age during natural disasters is fascinating. Look at what happened in New Orleans following Katrina and you see wrong stories baiting paranoia—[like giving] the sense that giant gangs are marauding the Superdome. How does that get out there?

The linear flow of information is more like a 50s-style science fiction, so the idea in Fear is that you get some information that is right, but as stuff starts happening, people’s social media accounts start to blow up and you’re not going to know what is real, what is a stunt. Maybe even you’ll ask, ‘Are they trying to market something?’ So watching the way people absorb information and get wrong information is going to be an essential element of what we explore."

Fear the Walking Dead premieres Aug. 23 on AMC.

(Via Collider)