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Oct 9, 2007

Update: Right. I get the point. I'll try Google Reader. Geez, though: as much as I love them, I wonder when they will become Cyberdine Systems?

OK, I'm fed up. So to speak.

I read several dirty commie pinko blogs a day (and some science ones too). Instead of laboriously going through bookmarks to get to each blog separately (and then half the time finding out they haven't posted in several minutes), I use a feed reader. For those not in the know, most blogs have an RSS feed -- a way of saying "Hey, a new blog entry is posted!" I have one, and you can access it from the right hand sidebar over there -->.

There are services called aggregators that pick up these feeds and collect the new posts for you this. This way you have one-stop shopping for all your reading instead of hunting all over teh intertubes. Also, you only see new posts, and don't have to worry about when someone updates their blog. The aggregator does that for you.

I am currently using BlogLines. The thing is, they recently updated to a new version and it now sucks. It hangs, and I have to click on links multiple times to get them to display. I also hate the way they have editing set up, which makes it really difficult to rearrange feeds and to delete them.

So, my minions: if you use a feed aggregator, which one do you use? Firefox's? I tried that once and didn't like it, but that was over a year ago.

Bear in mind, if I switch, I want to be able to import my already-listed feeds, and I have several dozen. I don't want to do that manually! I waste enough time during the day reading blogs and then complaining about them.

So what do you do?

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