Feeling the Force of Star Wars at Toy Fair 2016

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:19 AM EDT (Updated)

The Force was strong at Toy Fair 2016, with Star Wars licensors Hasbro and LEGO unveiling the toys kids and bigger kids are going to be purchasing over the next year. But while there were a lot of goodies put on display, there were not any rogues in these galleries.

Unsurprisingly, nothing from the standalone film Rogue One was shown off. Assuming Disney follows suit from last year, those toys will not be revealed until a special product launch day later this year.

However, there was some minor Star Wars news to break.  

For instance, although he was teased in the Star Wars: Rebels Season 2.5 trailer, it would appear confirmed that Darth Maul is going to make an appearance on the show. Hasbro showed off a figure of the shirtless Maul at its Saturday presentation, and he’s also rocking a hood and a new lightsaber. Interestingly, he referred to himself as Old Master in that tease, but the name the toy company attaches to the figure in image filenames is “red apprentice.”

Sticking with Rebels, the characters from the Disney XD series are joining Hasbro’s Star Wars Black line. Season 1 Kanan and Sabine look pretty great when converted into a more realistic form from the stylized CGI animation. Fans unhappy about a dearth of Princess Leia figures will get her in iconic white costume with side buns in a new Black figure. She will also appear in teen form in a Rebels 3.75” figure. The Black line will additionally roll out the fan-vote-winning character Revan (from the Knights of the Old Republic game). And while Hasbro did not show it off, they did share that their Black exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con this year would be from Rogue One.

On the LEGO front, the toy-brick company unveiled playsets from both the Original Trilogy and The Force Awakens. They also started showing off images and toys from the upcoming Disney XD series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. The show will feature new heroes, a family of scavengers, and introduce new villains (a lady Sith!), and it appears to promise some appearances from the likes of Darth Vader.

Anecdotally, it did appear that there were more Rey toys announced than what has previously been available. But will it be enough to satisfy the "Where's Rey" (and "Where's Leia") crowd? And how does the growing presence of Sabine, or even Seventh Sister, toys contribute to the issue? That remains to be seen once these hit the market throughout 2016 and 2017 and fans get a chance to weigh in.

Check out our gallery below with tidbits gleaned about Star Wars toys from Toy Fair 2016.

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