Felicia Day hilariously owns this dude who attacked her for getting a haircut

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Feb 5, 2014, 3:19 PM EST

She's been a vampire slayer, a werewolf hunter and the producer for countless geek shows, but she got a haircut. A SHORT ONE. 

We've been pretty ardent fans of Felicia Day around here for a while now, and I'd like to think with good reason. She's a fun actor to watch, she's written and produced a ton of our favorite online content, and she's taken the challenges of being one of the most well-known geek women in the world in stride.

So we weren't surprised when she met a really shallow attack against her new-ish haircut with poise, humor and grace. And boobs. From her tumblr:

So, let's parse the "logic" of what's happened here. Felicia Day, nerd darling beloved the Internet over, transcends her already cool acting career, builds a hugely successful production company dedicated toward geeky pursuits, BUT HER HAIR, YOU GUYS. HER HAIR. I think my favorite part (other than that the first picture isn't even Felicia) is where someone says "What boyfriend allowed this kind of self-harm?" Because, of course, Felicia Day has zero agency of her own.

I don't mean to harp, but people, we all get that Felicia Day created, wrote and starred in The Guild, a show that normalized the idea that adult men and women can play MMORPGs and still be flawed but worthwhile members of the human community, right? Because that's kind of a big deal.

Not that she needs it, but maybe sneak over to Twitter today and thank Felicia Day for being so awesome. Just maybe don't mention her hair while you do it.

(via tumblr)