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Female-fronted The Greatest American Hero pilot ordered at ABC

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Jan 25, 2018

The Greatest American Hero is officially one step closer to returning to TV screens.

ABC has ordered a pilot of the previously announced reboot of The Greatest American Hero, which originally aired for three seasons from 1981-1983 and starred William Katt as the unlikely superhero. The original run of the show was an hourlong drama, but the reboot will be shot single-camera as a half-hour comedy, and this time the hero is a woman.

The new show will follow a 30-year-old Indian-American woman named Meera, who is good at "drinking tequila, singing karaoke and not much else," according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the reboot, aliens entrust Meera with a suit she uses to protect Earth -- much like Ralph Hinkley received in the original.

The Greatest American Hero has been in development as a reboot multiple times with various creatives attached, but this new pilot was written by Rachna Fruchbom (Parks and Recreation, Fresh Off the Boat) and executive-produced by Fresh Off the Boat creator Nahnatchka Khan. Tawnia McKiernan (Supergirl), daughter of the original show's creator Stephen J. Cannell, will also executive-produce.

This is but one of the dozens of reboots and remakes currently popping up across the television landscape. A Charmed reboot just received a pilot for The CW, and female-led reboots have recently become popular film adaptations as well, including 2016's Ghostbusters and the forthcoming Ocean's Eight.

Since this is only a pilot, we don't know yet whether we'll actually see a new version of The Greatest American Hero on our TV screens yet. But it'll certainly be interesting to see how the story is updated and fits within our already super-saturated superhero TV lineup.

What do you hope to see in this modern version of The Greatest American Hero?

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