Fidel Castro says 90 percent of Americans would vote for a robot

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Dec 16, 2012

If Isaac Asimov were alive today, he might be willing to pontificate for us on how long it will be before we get our first robot president. Instead, we have former president of Cuba and communist icon Fidel Castro, who seems to think that Americans would rather elect a robotic commander In chief right now than any of our 2012 candidates.

In a particularly bizarre installment of his frequent "reflections" published Monday by Cuban state media, Castro posed a sci-fi presidential scenario that sounds more like a Futurama episode than political commentary.

"Is it not obvious that the worst of all is the absence in the White House of a robot capable of governing the United States and preventing a war that would end the life of our species?" Castro asked his readers.

Castro bashed both President Barack Obama and his Republican presidential rivals for "carry[ing] with them more nuclear weapons than ideas for peace." Then he claimed that, if a robot were to run against Obama and any Republican nominee, "90 percent of voting Americans, especially Hispanics, blacks and the growing number of the impoverished middle class, would vote for the robot."

Bashing the American political system has been a hobby of Castro's for quite some time (and hey, it's an American hobby, too), but this is the first time he's ever called for a cyborg solution to our problems.

It actually sounds like a fun campaign, but Castro's forgetting one key thing about robots. If Futurama's Bender has taught us anything, it's that a robot president would be the KILL ALL HUMANS president, and we're not dumb enough to vote that in. Right?

(via AFP)