Newly disclosed files show UK was hoping to snag some alien tech

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Dec 17, 2012

We're still learning stuff from a big pile of U.K. Ministry of Defence UFO files that just went public. First we heard theories on why aliens might actually visit us, and now we've learned that the ministry was on the lookout for UFOs packing killer alien tech that it could put to use.

The files claim the Ministry of Defence has "no records" of any UFO crashes ever in the U.K., but that hasn't stopped the ministry's UFO "desk officers" from theorizing what they might be able to do if they ever salvaged an alien craft.

Take this snippet from a 1995 report included in the files in which a U.K. intelligence officer says that if even a few UFO sightings prove genuine, it means cool alien gizmos exist that the government needs to get a closer look at.

"If the reports are taken at face value, then devices exist that do not use conventional reaction propulsion systems; they have a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy," the officer said. "I suggest we could use this technology, if it exists."

The ministry was even thinking of what it might do if UFOs turned out to be something other than alien spaceships from another planet. One file notes that a possible explanation of UFOs is that they are actually rarely seen ball lightning or plasma in the atmosphere, and that if that's the case those phenomena could possibly be used as "novel weapon technology."

Sadly, though all the theorizing in the files is amusing and fascinating to comb through, at no point does the ministry confirm (or deny) the existence of alien spacecraft. But rather than be disappointed with that, UFO expert (and former ministry UFO desk officer) Nick Pope says we should think of these files as evidence that governments are at least devoting time and energy to thinking about these things.

"The question of whether or not we're alone in the universe is one of the biggest and most profound questions we can ask," Pope said. "People are fascinated with the idea that we might have been visited, and these files chart MoD's attempts to grapple with the subject."

(Via Huffington Post)

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