With a film sequel stalled, Bill & Ted are coming back to life as a comic book

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It seems like we’ve been hearing about Bill & Ted 3 for years (because we have), but now we’re finally getting a continuation of the whoa-tastic time-travel tale. Just not the way we might have hoped.

We don’t know a lot of details at this point, but Boom! Studios has dropped a major hint implying the company is hard at work on a new Bill & Ted comic-book series. Ian Brill, an editor with Boom! Studios, set off a little Tweet-storm where he talked about his approach to licensed books and how they try to make them good ... before revealing a WYLD STALLYNS logo.

For those unfamiliar, WYLD STALLYNS is the future rock band fronted by Bill and Ted, which is supposed to play a role in turning the world into a utopia. We don’t know exactly which direction the comic will take, but judging by the reveal, we’d think the band will obviously play a part. For what it's worth, the rumored plot of the third film would follow the boys as they try to set things right after failing to reach their rock-stardom potential:

I know my praise more original content in comics may seem strange considering the licensed books I edit BUT there is a method to my madness

— Ian Brill (@ibrill) December 1, 2014

You see, I try to cast talent on these books who have done great original work, who have a POV and bring that to the characters we have

— Ian Brill (@ibrill) December 1, 2014

Every licensed book I work on I try to ensure the material works on its own, if the creators are bringing a distinct passion to the book

— Ian Brill (@ibrill) December 1, 2014

That's all a build up for me to tease THIS pic.twitter.com/q2Rh6TiEIv

— Ian Brill (@ibrill) December 1, 2014

So, does this mean we should finally give up hope on Bill & Ted 3? Absolutely not. Though aborted sequels often end up as comic books these days, there’s been no indication (yet) that Bill & Ted 3 is off the table. If anything, having a monthly comic hitting shelves could help generate some buzz for the decades-old franchise, which has been pretty much dormant since the early 1990s. Plus, with no budget limitations, just imagine the trouble the guys could get into in a comic.

What’s your take? Would you read a book recounting the time-travel adventures of this dated duo?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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