Final Ant-Man trailers reveal MCU connections, surprise Avengers cameo

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Jul 7, 2015, 8:22 PM EDT (Updated)

We’re hitting the home stretch on the way to Marvel’s riskiest movie since Guardians of the Galaxy, and now the studio is starting to show off a bit more of that connective tissue they’ve made so famous.

Minor spoilers ahead for Ant-Man!

The final trailer for Ant-Man, as well as a new TV spot, have been released — and both promos reveal some interesting things. First up, the final trailer shows off a bit more of the gang that’ll be helping Scott Lang in the central heist, plus some new action set pieces of the shrining tech in action. It also includes a name drop for the Avengers, and Iron Man, just so it’s made abundantly clear that this movie is definitely set in the MCU.

But, weirdly enough, the biggest piece of intel comes in the new TV spot. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, new Avengers team member Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), aka Falcon, pops up for just a split second in a quick-cut montage. We figured there’d be some setup for bringing Ant-Man into the fold for Captain America: Civil War, and it seems this might be our first inkling.

Check out the final trailer below:

The Falcon-tastic TV spot can be found here:

A new clip has also been released, focusing in on a heist:

Ant-Man opens July 17.

(Via Bleeding Cool, Marvel)

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