Cloak and Dagger final trailer

Final Cloak & Dagger trailer teases the divine pairing and a dark destiny

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Jun 18, 2018, 4:50 PM EDT (Updated)

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger is coming to TV this summer, but it’s not going to feature the characters as originally envisioned by Bill Mantlo and artist Ed Hannigan in 1982. Instead, Freeform is completely reinventing the mythology behind Cloak & Dagger while modernizing the story and characters. But even longtime fans may have questions about the series' new take. Fortunately, there’s a new preview that sheds some light and darkness on the subject.

Freeform has released the final trailer for Cloak & Dagger, which shows off more footage of Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) utilizing his powers to teleport while Tandy (Olivia Holt) goes on the offensive with her solid light daggers. In this incarnation, Cloak and Dagger are part of a “divine pairing” that hold the fate of the city in their hands. But to fulfill their destiny, one of them will have to die.

The new trailer also plays up New Orleans as the setting for the show. Back at WonderCon, Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb told SYFY WIRE that the city was chosen because it will directly inform the fate of Tyrone and Tandy over the course of the series.

“New Orleans is a city that has been forced to be reborn,” explained Loeb. “Just in the last 20 years, what they’ve gone through between Katrina and the oil spill, it is continually being challenged as to how to survive. When you take that and you then put in two young people, Ty and Tandy, and actors who are as talented as Olivia and Aubrey playing those roles, you’ve put Cloak & Dagger in a world that continually challenges them in terms of their own stories, who they are, and then what they’re going to be.”

Cloak & Dagger will have a two-hour series premiere on Thursday, June 7, on Freeform.

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