The Final Girls trailer is hilarious Scream-level meta horror

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Aug 25, 2015, 6:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Humorous horror movies have been their own subgenre well before Scream, but Scream was the first full-on horror movie parody. In Scream (and later, in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, and Cabin in the Woods), the protagonists were aware that they were living la vida horror. But in The Final Girl, the protags find themselves trapped within the movie itself.

In order to avoid a movie theater disaster, the protagonists are forced to climb through the movie screen … and find themselves in a movie called Camp Bloodbath. 

It’s not a new idea. Pleasantville in 1998 had a similar plot, as did the 1985 film Purple Rose of Cairo

But only here do we see one of the main characters try to take a selfie with the psycho-killer. 

This isn’t the only humorous horror movie that will make us laugh our heads off in 2015. We’ll also be having a bloody good time with Cooties and with Bloodsucking Bastards

Note: The Final Girls is not to be confused with the 2014 film The Final Girl

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