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Final night of ‘Elseworlds’ officially sets the stage for Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Dec 11, 2018, 9:57 PM EST

Yes, we got a Superman vs. Evil Superman face off, some great life lessons for our heroes, and a grand adventure to fix reality. But more than anything, the Arrowverse finally made it official: We’re getting a full-on Crisis on Infinite Earths. Fall 2019. The world(s) will never be the same.

**Spoilers ahead for “Elseworlds Part 3,” the latest episode of The CW’s Supergirl, which aired Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018.**

With an episode like this, you almost have to start at the end. Much of Elseworlds has been spent setting up the players and stakes for what comic fans will recognize from the Crisis on Infinite Earths event. Now we know why, as Elseworlds is simply the precursor to next year’s crossover event, which will finally tackle the Crisis on Infinite Earths arc. The Flash has been teasing it out since Season 1 (Barry has been teased to vanish, for good, during the event), and the network confirmed the event with a logo tease in the final moments of Elseworlds. It’s also worth noting that the Crisis will apparently happen a bit earlier than expected, as the Flash had actually teased the event for 2024.

After once again giving Deegan the powers to rewrite reality, the Monitor continues to test Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl to see how they react to his new changes. Even when Deegan turns himself into a black-suited, evil version of Superman, they keep pushing on to save the world by breaching to Earth-38 to recruit (the real) Superman for backup. The more time we spend with the Monitor, it’s clear he’s not the villain of the story — he really is trying to test these heroes to find a reality strong enough to survive this looming threat (in the comics, it’s a being called the Anti-Monitor).

With Barry and Kara’s lives on the line, Oliver appeals to the Monitor and makes the case that the world will need their leadership if there really is a greater threat out there. To rewrite their fates, Oliver cuts a deal offscreen with the Monitor, and we’re left to wonder exactly what it entails. He alludes to “enjoying the time they have,” so perhaps he traded his own life for theirs? And the bill might just come due in fall 2019? Just a theory. But that scene will certainly come back into play down the line.

Even Batwoman gets pulled back into the fold, noting that a freshly scarred Deegan has made friends with an inmate in Arkham, who is babbling on about how worlds will live and die, and things will never be the same. Which, yeah, certainly sounds like Crisis. Deegan’s new friend seems to be the DC baddie Psycho-Pirate, who actually works with the Anti-Monitor in the comic Crisis event. In the comics, the Crisis served as a way to streamline a messy multiverse, bringing all of DC’s stories into one joined reality. For the Arrowverse, that could mean putting Supergirl in the same reality as Flash and Arrow (as well as Black Lightning, if he ever actually crosses over with anyone).

Taking on Elseworlds is obviously something they’ve been working toward for a while, but the pressure is now officially on to pull it off on the small screen. For a franchise that will be heading into its eighth year — now spanning four shows (five if you count Black Lightning, and six by that point if Batwoman gets a green light) — it’s a bold move that will certainly have a canvas more than rich enough to try and pull off a story of this scope.

If nothing else, they’ve certainly just made the Arrowverse relevant once again, because you know old fans, new fans, and pretty much anyone will tune in to see how on Earth(s) they try to make this work.

Assorted musings

That Superman vs. Bad Superman battle was a lot of fun, though the TV budget really started to show around the seams. The CGI was laughably bad at some points, but you’ve got to respect the ambition to try it at all.

So it turns out there is an Alex Danvers and James Olsen on Earth-1, apparently? Deegan rolls the Earth-1 counterparts of those Supergirl mainstays into his rewritten reality, confirming they do exist on Earth-1. But there really is no Kara or Clark Kent on Earth-1. Kara notes offhand that her pod apparently never made it to Earth in this reality, but it begs the question — with no Clark or Kara — could the Krypton of Earth-1 still be standing? Or have never existed at all?

We need more of gangster Cisco. He’s fun.

Wait, did Oliver pull back out his Kryptonite arrow when he was trying to take down Deegan’s Superman? A nice nod to The Dark Knight Returns, and brings back those Green Arrow/Batman parallels. Fans will remeber he used those on Evil Nazi Supergirl last year.

Barry and Kara pull a move straight out of Richard Donner’s Superman movie to try and slow down time to stop Deegan. Gotta love the throwbacks.

Nice to see Martian Manhunter and Brainy get a quick trip to Earth-1 to help save the day. It really is shaping up into a full-fledged Justice League. Now they just need Batman to come back from hiding for Crisis, right?

So Superman is officially hanging up his cape, at least for a while, as he proposes to Lois and reveals they’s having a super-baby. So for the pregnancy, they’ll be heading to Argo City, and also spending a bit more time there to get things settled. So, Kara really is Earth-38’s greatest hero. At least for a while. Could this move also be used to get Superman off the board ahead of Crisis? Or might he make his triumphant return during the mega-crossover?

Up next: Enjoy the holidays, and start working on your Crisis theories, because all these shows are heading on hiatus until January.

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