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Final two Game of Thrones Season 7 episodes will be series' longest yet

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Jun 8, 2017

The last time HBO gifted us with an episode of Game of Thrones, we received 68 minutes of bloody awesome in the Season 6 finale, "The Winds of Winter." But you know what's better than 68 minutes of chess-board-piece-moving GoT finale action? Try 81 record-breaking minutes!

For those of us that have been lamenting the upcoming Season 7 being a few episodes shorter than the rest, take solace in this: The final two episodes will be the series' longest yet, according to the ever-attentive fan site Watchers on the Wall. Here's the breakdown:

Episode 1: 59 minutes
Episode 2: 59 minutes
Episode 3: 63 minutes
Episode 4: 50 minutes
Episode 5: 59 minutes
Episode 6: 71 minutes
Episode 7: 81 minutes

So beginning on July 16 (will it ever come?), the first five episodes will stay pretty close to an hour run-time, except for pesky Episode 4, which better be packed with revelatory drama, carnage and intrigue. After that, though, Episode 6 will become the longest GoT episode ever, topping out at 71 minutes. Alas, that record will be short-lived, as they'll break it yet again the following Sunday, with a presumably glorious 81-minute season finale. (I predict many a burned extra!)

Of course, after that, we'll get to stare down the abyss of a record-breaking hiatus, as the show won't return for the eighth and final season until possibly 2019. So enjoy every minute of Season 7 while you can.

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