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Final Walking Dead Season 9 trailer highlights Rick's ending, introduces the Whisperers

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Sep 10, 2018, 4:49 PM EDT

The end is nigh for Rick Grimes on AMC's The Walking Dead, because Andrew Lincoln has finally decided to depart the long-running zombie drama in the upcoming season. Want a first look at Rick's farewell?

We'll be saying adios to Mr. Grimes after the upcoming Season 9, although we have no idea how he'll exit the series within the context of the plot. Is he chewed up by Walkers? Will he take his own life after seeing and experience so much pain? Does he ride off into the sunset on a horse, never to be seen again? 

We won't get answers until next month, but AMC has released the final trailer for Season 9 that clocks in at five minutes long, emphasizing Rick's final episodes and, best of all, introducing the long-rumored Whisperers with a scene borrowed straight from the comics.

Watch the mega-trailer below:

As you can see, Rick engages in a dialogue with an imprisoned Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), enumerating all of the harmony and prosperity humanity has accomplished since the conflict in Season 8. Negan inquires as to when he'll be able to rejoin society and begins taunting Rick, telling him that he isn't in control.

The Walking Dead #130

Credit: Image Comics

Meanwhile, Daryl (Norman Reedus) is weary of all the people they must look after, harkening back to the much simpler days of being a smaller, tight-knit group. Maggie (Lauren Cohan), having delivered her baby, is ready to take on a more forceful leadership role, one that might even outstrip Rick's authority, a good thing too, since he's already got one foot out the door (though, so does Cohan). Michonne (Danai Gurira) is all for law and order, wanting to impose a set of rules on all the communities: HQ, Oceanside, Alexandria, Sanctuary, and Toledo. 

 By the end of the trailer, we get a scene ripped straight from the cover of Issue #130, where the Whisperers were first introduced. Two humans smear themselves in mud in order to hide from an oncoming hoarde of Walkers. But then a harsh voice, a whispering voice, a voice that the Walkers do not possess, rings out loud and clear: "Where are they?"

The Whisperers, led by individuals known as Alpha and Beta, are a somewhat depraved group of human survivors that cloak themselves in the skin of dead zombies, so as to roam freely among them. In the comics, they served as the primary antagonists for around 40 issues, which culminated in "The Whisperer War" story arc. 

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its ninth season on Sunday, Oct. 7 for a 90-minute premiere