Finally! Inside Fringe's 'breathtaking' Astrid-centric episode

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

This week on Fringe, all eyes will be on Astrid ... and Astrid again. Walter's trusted lab assistant and right-hand woman will finally get her time to shine. Get ready for Fringe's first real Astrid-centric episode.

Fox has released a behind-the-scenes video that features interviews from the cast, including Astrid herself, Jasika Nicole. The Olivias have shared screentime, the Lincolns have rubbed elbows, but the Astrids have stayed apart—until now.

Astrid is one of the most unexplored characters on Fringe, but this week Jasika Nicole finally gets to flex her acting muscle.

The actress confessed, "I cried like five times when I was reading the script. It would be easy for the writers to say, 'Oh, there's an Astrid episode; she solves a case.' But it's not that simple. It's a really lovely story about Astrid [and alt-Astrid] meeting each other."

The rest of the cast is also excited about this week's show. John Noble (Walter Bishop) calls Nicole's dual performance "breathtaking" and claims this episode is "possibly the season's highlight." His onscreen son, Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), shares his sentiment.

"Now that we've got an Astrid episode," said Jackson. "I'd like to see another Astrid episode. And I'd like to see another Broyles episode, and I think we should do a full-on Nina episode. What does she do when she goes home from work?"

We'll tell you what Nina does, Josh. She breaks into people's homes and injects them with serums. Just saying.

Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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