Find out how the two Doctors meet in new Day of the Doctor clip

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Nov 15, 2013, 5:05 PM EST

Two Doctors, 3D paintings and a self-fulfilling fez await you in the latest Doctor Who clip.

We're just over one week away from The Day of the Doctor and the trailers and minisodes have been coming in fast and furious. But what's been missing is a proper, full clip, in sequence, that will give us an idea of what this landmark episode will really feel like.

Thank goodness the charity event Children in Need exists, because it's a guaranteed haven for fantastic Doctor Who fun. And that's where we finally get that clip we've been wanting. And it's a jim dandy. Ready to see how the 10th and 11th Doctors meet? Here we go!

Only two minutes, but two meaty minutes, indeed. First off, we get confirmation that the paintings we heard about seem to be acting as gateways. We also get a tiny glimpse of how the 3D elements will be incorporated. And then there's the fact that, right from the start, the 11th Doctor is already sort-of-remembering what's about to happen from the memories of his former self.

Then, suddenly, wham! David Tennant in a fez. What are the odds he'll think it's cool?