Find out what's next for Green Lantern in our exclusive 7-page preview

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Oct 10, 2013, 5:13 PM EDT

The Green Lantern Corps. just lost their home. Here's what happens next. Spoilers ahead!

If you haven't been reading any of DC's Lantern books, the Lights Out arc (and the few issues that led up to it) are a pretty cool jumping-on point. Once longtime head writer Geoff Johns moved on from the Lanterns, there was an opportunity to really rip apart the status quo. And that's exactly what the new team of creators has done here. They've got a new (potentially) sympathetic antagonist in the form of Relic, who isn't just invulnerable to the power of the Green Lanterns, but has utterly destroyed their home world of Oa.

So what happens next? How do Hal Jordan and company fight back as their powers quickly dwindle? And why did the new Lantern creative team want to tell this specific story? While talking with Buzzfeed, current co-writer Van Kensen says:

...the Green Lanterns are facing a situation where their inherent powers are borderline useless or even counterproductive. When you can’t use your basic abilities then it’s up to how smart you are or how creative you are to try to come up with a solution. That’s been a lot of, I think, what makes this such a good story, and what made it so much fun to write.

And what about Relic? How does he fit into the mix? Jensen revealed this to Newsarama:

Relic is the best kind of villain, one that is completely justified (at least to himself) in his goal of saving the universe from the Lanterns. It's just that he is willing to use whatever means he can -- like destroying the Blue Lanterns and blowing up the Green Lanterns' Central Power Battery -- to achieve that goal. It's easy to sympathize with Relic, even as he commits atrocities. And Relic is all the more interesting because his very existence ties directly to the existence of the Lanterns.

With that, here are two covers and the first five pages of Green Lantern: New Guardians #24, which takes place immediately after the destruction of Oa and sees Hal at odds with his fellow teammates and Kyle Rayner about to face an unexpected change.