Find the Force: Star Wars AR treasure hunt launches on Force Friday

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Sep 1, 2017, 1:27 AM EDT

Force Friday has arrived, and with it the official launch of the #FindTheForce scavenger hunt. Star Wars fans heading out to stores for new toys featuring The Last Jedi characters and vehicles and beyond can find Augmented Reality-activated standees that reveal fun interactive character experiences. When looked at through the Star Wars app, characters like Chewbacca, First Order stormtroopers, Porgs, and even the all-new droid BB-9E will appear, ready to be featured in your snapshots or videos.

Fans are already finding the standees, which will be up from Sept. 1-3, taking pictures and videos, and sharing them online for a special sweepstakes. We'll take a look at what some people have found on the East Coast and internationally now, and update the post throughout the weekend as more characters start to pop up.

Porgs were the first to show up, with an online graphic to teach people how to use the app. It also gives the best impression of what these little Puffin-like creatures will sound like.

BB-9E, the First Order's BB droid, is certain to be a fan favorite. From Sphero toys to POPs and beyond, the character makes a big splash this weekend - so naturally it's also one of the first Find the Force graphics! Like the Porgs, this gives us the first sound of BB-9E, who sounds a little more like a traditional droid than the long sighs of BB-8.

But wait one second! It's another new BB droid! This is 2-BB-2 and it looks a little worse for wear.

The First Order executioner is a new elite class of stormtrooper we'll be seeing in The Last Jedi, and his impressive new weapon can be seen in action on Force Friday.

Of course, Chewbacca is out and about for the big event, and the character's importance in The Last Jedi seems like it'll be high. He's front-and-center in a lot of the marketing so far, so he may play a bigger role than fans even expect.

Finally, for now, we have the Praetorian Guard, the elite warriors of the First Order that serve as the guard of Supreme Leader Snoke (much like the red-suited Imperial Royal Guard did in the Original Trilogy era).

There they all are for simple viewing!

Stay tuned for more from Force Friday and #FindTheForce throughout the weekend!