Find a way to survive in tantalizing new teaser for The Walking Dead's return

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Jan 25, 2016, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

AMC has been fairly stingy when it comes to footage from The Walking Dead’s 2015 debut, but a new teaser trailer offers up some intriguing new scenes that leave us with more questions than answers.

Potential spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead TV series and comic!

As expected, it seems the gang is still on the road when we pick up after the holiday break. We get a look at relatively new addition Tyler James Williams (Noah) helping scout out an abandoned area with the rest of the group, so it seems he’ll be sticking around (at least for a little while). 

It also looks like the dead will once again be a major threat, after the first half of the season found Rick and his group dealing with more human problems following the downfall of the prison. Everyone looks a bit worse for wear, and they seem to be doing battle with a lot of walkers along the way.

The big reveal? The opening shot of the trailer, which shows the group stopped at a relatively large gate. Hmm, as comic fans have theorized, could this be the long-awaited introduction of the Alexandria Safe Zone that has played such a pivotal role in the comics in recent years? Casting rumors have indicated some characters from that arc could be arriving this season, so it stands to reason that could be our first peek at Alexandria.

Check out the trailer below:

The Walking Dead returns Feb. 8.

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