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Dec 15, 2012

This summer on Syfy's Ghost Hunters International, the ghost hunters travel Destination Truth-style through jungles and battle hissing centipedes to get to some of the most remote locations in the history of the program, according to co-lead investigators Kris Williams and Barry Fitzgerald.

And they admit that sometimes the trip was scarier than facing a ghost has ever been for them.

It's led to the "adventure side of ghost investigating," said Fitzgerald about GHI's third season, which premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on Syfy. "The very fact that we were pushing ourselves to the limits in Trinidad was great for us to get out of that norm and really extend ourselves. And certainly for me. Trinidad will always be remembered by the huge centipedes that hiss at you. ... And of course, I can't forget the roads either. They were petrifying."

"A lot of these places [are] just so hard to get to," said Williams. "Some of these jungles are so thick, we're running around with machetes, which is a whole nother challenge. A bunch of guys with machetes. Scary now. ... And oh, my gosh, the spiders. ... You realized they're just everywhere. There's spiders the size of your hand. And Barry and I, neither one of us are a fan of spiders. A lot times it's just the places that we're being put into are so overgrown and taken over by the jungle. It's just, you have no idea what the heck you're going to run into. We're running into giant crabs and shellfish, acari and giant centipedes that were insane. The spiders were disgusting."

On tonight's episode of Ghost Hunters International, "Rising From the Grave: Trinidad," the team travels deep into the rainforest of Trinidad in search of the spirit of a cruel slave master named Count Lopinot, who is reported to haunt his former cocoa plantation.

It's an episode where Williams confirms the team ran into some activity. "I, honestly, I have no clue. I mean, there's a few things that happened in Trinidad that I can't explain. ... I know Barry had things a few things happen to him that he couldn't explain. It's just one of those cases where we have personal experiences, but then we also have some stuff to back it up. So it was just a weird case all around," she said.

And then next week it's an episode called "Sensing Evil: Argentina & Trinidad," where the GHI team treks to a former leper colony on Chacachacare Island in Trinidad and then journeys to Gualeguaychu, Argentina, to explore the possible haunting of four murdered workers at the Frigorifico Meat Packing Plant.

"After Trinidad and Argentina we actually head up to England, to Castle Rising, where we weren't quite sure going into it whether the client was being haunted or whether the castle itself was being haunted, and by some unusual claims of activity," said Fitzgerald. "And then we headed across to the Isle of Man to the Rushen Castle. It was the last place that a witch was burned in the Isle of Man. And then we went across to Ireland, one of Kris' favorite places, Spike Island. It was a prison. Its uses have changed over many years. But this is also the last port of call for the great Titanic before she set sail across the Atlantic. We also went to Roe Valley in Northern Ireland. It was a former workhouse.

"And some really weird, unusual claims were made to us there, down into New Zealand, Riccarton Racecourse Hotel and the scene of a very dastardly murder. And so in that particular episode we turned into detectives more so than paranormal hunters. Napier Prison, of course there, down there in New Zealand as well. And American Samoa, where we investigated a former girls' school, which is now being swallowed up by the jungle," he added.

Beyond the logistical and ghostly challenges, the international ghost hunters also ran into different cultural beliefs that had to be explored. "We find ourselves both bringing solutions to some of those belief systems and alternatives. And at other times we're facing a learning curve as well, from our perspective, which takes us outside of our comfort zone. And sometimes we're faced with things that we've never experienced before," said Fitzgerald.

"I know the big thing in Trinidad was the story of the Soucouyant, which appears as a fireball. And they say that, basically, she'll appear as an old woman and peels her skin away and turns into this fireball. And the locals are afraid of this thing," said Williams.

"Both Trinidad and Tobago, and of course the other islands, are steeped in myth and superstition. It's a very vibrant place. And that vibrancy filters through into its legends and myths. And it was really a remarkable experience for us all," added Fitzgerald.

Hissing centipedes, ghostly fireballs and the culture shock aside, we can expect plenty of paranormal and non-paranormal surprises throughout their investigations this summer, said the ghost hunters.

"It's been a hard run. It's been a really hard run. But I know that all of us have enjoyed it for those reasons. It's a whole new spin. It's just completely different than anything I've done up until this point." said Williams.

Ghost Hunters International premieres tonight on Syfy at 9 p.m. ET.

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