Fire-breathing dragons ahead for Grimm's Juliette? Smokin'!

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Dec 17, 2012

It looks like Grimm's Juliette, Bitsie Tulloch, is about to get dragged into the Creature vs. Grimm action. In fact, she'll have to deal with a fire-breathing dragon, Grimm-style, on tonight's episode, "Plumed Serpent," according to Tulloch, who stars on the NBC show.

The episode is "one of the first times that I actually get really drawn into all of the madness, and what I can say ... is that my character gets kidnapped, and it was very grand in scope, actually, with the fire-breathing dragon and everything," said Tulloch.

Juliette is Nick's live-in girlfriend, who doesn't know anything about the world of Grimm she's about to become introduced to. So far this season, she's come close to finding out that her boyfriend is a supernatural superhero, even doing battle with one of the creatures in her home to save him, but Nick hasn't come clean about his true nature as a Grimm.

"This episode is the first time I meet Monroe. [Nick and Monroe have] been hiding their relationship from me, and this is the first time that I meet him. So it's a great episode in that this one opens up a lot more to happen down the road."

"Juliette is very interesting to me because she's the only one of the six series regulars who's not a cop and not a monster. So I was really looking forward to being able to project what it would be like for any normal person to be thrown into that situation and to try to deduce what's going on with the little information that she's given, much of which is skewed, because Nick is trying to hide all this stuff from me," she said.

In fact, Juliette is bright, so she knows something is going on, said Tulloch.

"At certain points I've thought, 'Maybe he's having an affair,' or my mind is going over why he's lying to me, and the obvious conclusion that I would make is he's cheating on me or something, because why else would he be acting so strangely?" she said. "As I said, this episode opens a lot of doors. And there's another episode, episode 16, where I very much get drawn into this and it's starting to come to a boiling point in which I really need to know and he needs to tell me, but it's going to happen sooner or later. I can't say when, but obviously he's going to have to tell me."

According to Tulloch, Juliette is extremely confused and worried. "Her mind is just constantly racing, trying to figure out what is going on with him, and part of her being suspicious and another part really wanting to get involved and be proactive, and if this is some work issue, let him know that I'm there for him and I can help in any way possible. So there's a little bit of that dilemma going on where I think one part of her is like, 'I can't take it anymore,' and the other part of her really wants to get involved and just be there for him. It seems to flip-flop a little bit," she said.

While Tulloch isn't ready to spill on exactly when Nick will tell Juliette that he's a Grimm, one thing's for certain. We're going to be seeing more of Juliette in the midst of the action in the episodes ahead.

"I'm clearly most excited about the episodes in which I get to be a lot more involved in the drama and everything, so I really like [tonight's episode] 14. As I mentioned before, episode 16 is really, really fascinating. It's an episode coming up that really breaks away from the mold in a way that I think some fans have really been craving, which is there's a lot less of the procedural and a lot more of character-building and the relationship and that stuff in the episode," said Tulloch.

"One of the difficulties that I've had is, because they've been prolonging my getting drawn into it and my finding out any information, what kind of choices can I make with this pattern of thinking? He's lying, but not confronting him, and it just felt like ... I was having to get a little bit creative with any [acting] choices I could make because -- which, by the way, is why I am so excited about 14 airing -- because it does open up so many more doors for my character."

Because Tulloch doesn't know what lies ahead for Juliette, she's been instructed to play her a little mysteriously. That's caused some speculation. "Some fans on Twitter think that I'm definitely a monster, and some fans think the opposite is true. And I think that's kind of great, that there's this constant guessing game going on."

And she's happy to keep the discussion going on Twitter. "I made a little hashtag called #GrimmLive, and they can ask me questions, and they'll comment or whatever, and I comment too. And I think they're just so hardcore, and they're very intelligent too. They don't really miss anything. There's a lot of love for the show, but they'll also say, 'Hey, I bummed that one storyline was dropped, and I wanted to see what would happen with that.' And I'll say, 'Oh, just wait a few episodes, maybe you'll get some answers.'"

Here's a look at tonight's Grimm:

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