The first 4 minutes of Orphan Black's new season open with a fascinating flashback

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Apr 7, 2016, 3:42 PM EDT

Ahead of the premiere next week, BBC America has released the first four minutes from the new season of Orphan Black. Before we move forward, it looks like we’re going back to the beginning. 

The scene focuses on Beth Childs’ investigation into the clone mystery, which technically began off-camera before the show began and was continued by Sarah and the rest of the sestras in the pilot and first season. It’s a fascinating direction to take the series as it heads into its fourth year, and though we’re technically going backward, you’d think this will be a perfect way to fill in some gaps and answer a few of those lingering questions. Oh, it’s also a great way to bring fan favorite Paul (Dylan Bruce) back for one of his trademark shirtless cameos.

Orphan Black has never been afraid to try new things with its storytelling, and that’s part of what has made the show such a massive cult hit. With mystery burials in the woods, Tatiana Maslany's insane versatility, and some very creepy imagery to boot; Season 4 looks poised to keep rolling. With a move to a new night, here’s hoping the Clone Club can pick up a few new members this year.

The new season of Orphan Black premieres Thursday, April 14, on BBC America.

Check out the opening scene below and let us know what you think: