First 4 pages from Grant Morrison's freaky new horror comic Nameless

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Nov 18, 2014

Grant Morrison is an absolute legend in the comic world from his work on Batman, and now he’s looking toward his next frontier —full-on horror. Get ready for Nameless.

Morrison and artist Chris Burnham are teaming up for the six-issue miniseries, and it sounds like they’re aiming for absolute terror. When reading the Image Comics series, Burnham said the goal is “you’ll feel it creeping up from your guts even as it’s stabbing you in the eyes.” Yeah, that sounds about as dark as possible.

Coming February 2015, here’s how Morrison described the project, in his uniquely snarky way, to Entertainment Weekly:

Nameless is my first collaboration with Chris Burnham since we wrapped up our run on Batman and it’s our first no-holds barred horror comic—a disturbing anti-human voyage to the hopeless outer limits of cosmic nihilism and cruelty, in the company of six doomed astronauts on a mission to save our planet from an approaching asteroid. Needless to say, they get far more than they bargained for.

In my superhero comics, I’ve tended to be a cheerleader for the human spirit, but Nameless gives me a rare opportunity to articulate a long-withheld sneering contempt for our miserable species, with its self-serving, sentimental, suicidal self-delusions and its greedy, willful ignorance.

Inspired by the dark side occultism of the Tunnels of Set, by pessimist philosophers like Thomas Ligotti and Ray Brassier, and by our culture’s unstoppable, almost erotic, obsession with its own destruction, Nameless is a light-hearted romp through the sunlit meadows of a baby unicorn’s daydreams!


Check out four pages from Image Comics' Nameless #1 below.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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