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The first awe-inspiring full trailer for Interstellar has landed!

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May 16, 2014, 1:45 PM EDT

If this trailer is any indication, Interstellar might just be everything we're hoping for, and more.

We've been waiting for months to know more, and see more, from Christopher Nolan's much-anticipated new sci-fi project, his first feature film since he finished the Dark Knight Trilogy in 2012. The teaser trailer was powerful, the teaser poster was evocative, and both made us crave a closer look. Now, at last, we've got it. 

In Interstellar, humanity is running out of food, and the world looks plagued by dust storms and fires. To ensure the future of our species, a professor (Michael Caine) argues that "nothing in our solar system can help us" and that "we're not meant to save the world. We're meant to leave it." To save his family, and his species, a farmer and former engineer and pilot named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) agrees to be part of a mission that will take him and fellow voyagers (including Anne Hathaway) beyond the reaches of our own solar system, and into interstellar space.

Many of the details of the film, including many character names, are still left in the dark in the trailer, but we get a really strong sense of the adventure we're about to go on. What begins as the story of a man trying to provide for his family evolves into the story of a group of people trying to save the whole of humanity, and by the end, when we're out among the stars with the mission Nolan's mapped out for his characters, it feels like this film is set to take us somewhere amazing. And yes, there is a wormhole. 

Check out the trailer below. Interstellar arrives in theaters Nov. 7.

(Via Warner Bros.)