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First bloody trailer for Child's Play remake gives Chucky a 21st Century makeover

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Feb 8, 2019, 9:09 AM EST

Make your day just a little bit better (and scarier) with the first gory trailer for the Child's Play remake from director, Lars Klevberg. Chucky's back, folks, and he's got a fresh modern look and a kitchen knife that's sharper than ever. 

The 2019 reboot, arriving this summer, centers around Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza) a mother who unwittingly buys a murderous doll for her young son, Andy (Gabriel Bateman). This setup is pretty familiar to any fans of the 1988 original, but we're pretty curious about how the toy became murderous in the first place. 

In the the first movie, the spirit of Charles Lee Ray (famously played/voiced by Brad Dourif all these years) possessed the doll through voodoo magic, which, let's admit it now, was just a little bit silly.

A confirmed deviation from what has come before is the brand of the doll that Chucky inhabits is called Buddi, not Good Guy.

Check out the trailer (amazingly set to Harry Nilsson's "Best Friend") below:

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While many remakes of iconic properties prove to be unnecessary these days, Child's Play 2019 actually seems like it has something new to say by imbuing the story with a modern day slant about the dangers of 21st Century technology. In doing so, it's actually transforming the genre from supernatural horror, to technological horror. After such a metamorphosis the movie has more in common with the thrills of Terminator and the dark humor of Small Soldiers.

Brian Tyree Henry (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) plays Detective Mike Norris, a cop looking into a series of murders caused by Chucky. But, of course, a homicide detective can't pin a number of killings on a kid's toy, so it'll take him some time to discover the horrifying truth. The stakes are also high for him because his son, Omar (Marlon Kazadi), is friends with Andy, which means he's in Chucky's blood-soaked path.

Earlier in the week, Orion posted a viral video from the fictional company behind the Buddi doll, Kaslan Corporation. The company's "most innovative product to date" is introduced by the founder and CEO, Henry Kaslan (Animal House's Tim Matheson).

"He's more than a toy," says Kaslan in the announcement ad that feels nothing like a commercial for a kid-oriented product — we assume that's part of the movie's creep factor. "He's your best friend." Oh yeah, he's also a tiny serial killer, Henry. You forgot to mention that part.

It's been a big week for the plastic-skinned, red-haired stabber, who, in addition to getting the snazzy first trailer above, also landed his own TV show on SYFY from the character's creator, Don Mancini.

Penned by Tyler Burton Smith (Kung Fury 2), The Child's Play remake slashes into theaters June 21.