First Children of the Machine trailer is sci-fi through the lens of an American Eagle catalog

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Aug 20, 2014, 1:00 PM EDT (Updated)

There’s an ambitious new online series dubbed Children of the Machine in the works, and now we have the first, bizarre trailer for the future-set project. Want to see? 

Set in the year 2025, the series offers a lens into a world where biohacking has become the norm and teenagers are all falling over themselves to get the cool new chip installed. Our peek into that alt-future comes via 14-year-old Winona, who tells us all about the tech and why she has to have it to function in this world.

The weird part? The entire six-minute clip is filmed like a commercial for American Eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch, with the very young actress at its center lounging on the beach or dangling her feet off a tree with copious lens flare to frame her hip outfits. It’s an odd mix, as The Verge notes, and almost feels like a sci-fi take on The O.C.

The series represents BitTorrent’s first big swing into creating original content, and they’ll be piloting a unique new model to make it happen. The free-to-view pilot hits the web in December, and if at least 250,000 people like it enough to kick in $9.95 up front, they’ll produce seven more episodes to finish out the first season.

(Via The Verge)