First concept art from Hasbro's Microanuts animated series ahead of live-action movie

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Dec 27, 2017, 1:27 PM EST

Hasbro's Micronauts toyline will be getting its own animated series in 2019 ahead of a live-action film in 2020. According to a marketing packet from Hasbro Studios, production on the first 26 episodes will begin next year. They will run at 22 minutes each with a target audience of kids 6-11.

The plot summary is as follows:

When fate brings an unlikely team of alien space explorers to earth in pursuit of the evil Baron Karza, they make a shocking discovery—on our world they are the size of action figures! The Micronauts are small heroes in a big world but the stakes are higher than ever as their miniaturized size presents dangerous obstacles at every turn. Fortunately, they forge an alliance with teenager Cameron Ruck, who will join them in their pursuit of justice. Although the Micronauts are small in stature, their bravery and adventurous spirits remain larger than life.

Here is the concept art for the show:


Created in the mid-1970s by Takara and marketed by Mego, the Micronauts are a team  of heroes from the Microverse who fight against Baron Karza, the villain who enslaved their home worlds. After his defeat, they stayed together and explored the Microverse with one another. The original toyline was discontinued in the early 1980s, but the franchise had other life in comic book form over the years from Marvel, Image Comics, Devil’s Due Publishing, and IDW. 

In 2016, Hasbro released the Micronauts Classic Collection set at San Diego Comic Con. The team will also be a part of Hasbro's cinematic universe