First details on Arrow's 50th episode reveal who it'll be all about (hint: Barrowman)

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Aug 14, 2014, 3:14 PM EDT (Updated)

The showrunner behind Arrow sent fans scrambling when he dropped a tantalizing hint about the series’ upcoming 50th episode — but it turns out most everyone got it wrong.

Marc Guggenheim had teased that the upcoming episode, the fifth of season three for those keeping count, would be titled “The Magician.” Many fans speculated the title might refer to the DC character Zatanna, who is a magician in the comics and could fit the darker tone of Arrow with some tweaks.

Turns out Guggenheim was teasing a character a whole lot closer to home. We’d already heard John Barrowman would be back in a fairly large capacity for season three — and apparently the series’ 50th episode will be all about his character Malcolm Merlyn, aka the Dark Archer.

Along with his moniker of the Dark Archer, he also goes by Merlyn the Magnificent on occasion, and you guessed it ... Merlyn the Magician. After the second season wrapped with one heck of a cliffhanger involving Merlyn and Thea, we were left wondering how long it’d take for Merlyn to resurface.

Turns out not too terribly long — which is awesome, because we love us some Barrowman.

But the big question remains: How exactly will Barrowman fit into the second season, especially since we now know it’ll feature his one-time mentor Ra’s al Ghul as the Big Bad? Give us your best guess below.

(Via Marc Guggenheim)