First details on how Fox's Gotham will introduce one of Batman's oldest, scariest villains

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Nov 3, 2014, 4:01 PM EST

One of Batman’s earliest foes is coming to Fox’s hit prequel series Gotham, and it sounds like the writers are putting a little spin on the classic rogue to make it all fit.

During a panel promoting the series at Stan Lee's Comikaze, executive producer Danny Cannon revealed they’re currently working on a script that will introduce the classic Batman villain Scarecrow (aka Jonathan Crane), best known for using freaky fear toxin and being extremely creepy.

The character is one of the oldest in Batman’s comic lore, created by Bill Finger back in the early 1940s. Before there was the Penguin, the Riddler or Two-Face — there was Scarecrow. We’d already heard they’d be digging deep into the Batman mythos to build the world of Gotham, but how exactly will this one work — especially since the character should be approximately the same age as young Bruce Wayne (or younger) at this point?

According to Zap2it, Cannon said they’re “breaking the story now” but are eyeing a twist to the mythos that will make the Scarecrow identity something passed on from father to son, so we can meet young Jonathan Crane and his psycho father, who will be the “original” Scarecrow (in the series’ continuity). That way, Jim Gordon can take on the adult version now, while kid Scarecrow is still left to go crazy in the future for Batman to deal with.

Not a bad idea, but you have to worry they might dip into this trope a bit too much if the series continues on a few more years (which is likely, since the ratings are solid). Yes, you need to find creative ways to use the deep Batman canon — but you can’t really burn through all your supervillains while Batman is still in middle school. So we hope for balance.

What you think oft he Scarecrow plan? Will the character be a good fit for Gotham?

(Via Zap2it)