First footage, 20 new pics from The CW's epic Arrow and Flash crossover

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Nov 20, 2014

The CW’s superhero tag team of Arrow and The Flash already make for an awesome one-two punch, and we can’t wait to see what happens when they put ‘em together and shake things up.

After fully spinning off the series The Flash from Arrow this season, the network is gearing up for a massive two-night crossover on Dec. 2-3. Considering the first part is literally titled “Flash vs. Arrow,” you know there will be arrows flying and ample lightning zipping around.

Now we finally have out first look at what should be one of the coolest television events of the winter. A total of 20 new pics have been released from the crossover, ranging from behind-the-scenes shots to a few teases of Arrow and Flash at odds. The first teaser clip has also made it out into the wild, showing off some tantalizing footage of the heroes going toe to toe.

The crossover will span Starling and Central Cities and find the two teams working together to solve some high-profile cases. Oh, and the Flash will also be affected by some metahuman powers gone rogue, forcing Arrow to take him down a peg or two. Or, you know, at least give it his best shot.

Check out all the goodies below and let us know how you think the two-parter will play out:

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