First footage, plot info revealed for Star Wars spinoff film Rogue One

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Apr 19, 2015

We were wondering exactly how much info Disney and Lucasfilm would reveal at the Star Wars Celebration event, and the Mouse House brought a whole lot more than we’d expected.

We’ve already gotten a few peeks at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but beyond that, we knew nothing more than a title for Gareth Edwards’ pending spinoff film Star Wars: Rogue One. Luckily for us, Edwards was part of a panel that broke down some of the key details of what will be the first-ever big-screen spinoff film for the franchise.

The plot will be set in the time between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and focus on a team of rebels tasked with stealing the plans for the Death Star -- you know, the plans that would eventually help Luke Skywalker take the thing down in the original film. We also learned how Disney plans to market the spinoff films. Whereas the “main” films will just have the title card we’ve seen for The Force Awakens, the spinoffs will be tagged as “Anthology” films.

It sounds like Edwards plans to put the “war” back in Star Wars, and told attendees the film will focus on the “reality of war” within the galaxy far, far away. Edwards said his story will be “complicated, layered; [and] a very rich scenario in which to set a movie.” The director was initially reluctant to sign on, coming off his time on the big-budget Godzilla remake, but he was so impressed with the script that he took the plunge.

One other interesting tidbit: The entire concept for the film was actually pitched by award-winning visual effects artist John Knoll, who brought the idea directly to Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm's Kiri Hart after floating the concept internally to almost universal acclaim. Considering how big a company we’re talking about — and a franchise that generates billions — it’s pretty cool to see that a good idea from someone a bit outside the box can still make it up the flagpole and score some face time. Nice move, Lucasfilm.

Lucasfilm also unveiled the first teaser trailer for Rogue One, which you can check out below (though the quality is admittedly not great):

Here it is!: ROGUE ONE TEASER!

Posted by Star Wars: In Character on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Star Wars: Rogue One is set to open in December 2016.

(Via Star Wars, The Verge, The Playlist)

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