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Miracle Workers: Earth's a mess, Steve Buscemi's God, and Daniel Radcliffe's an angel in first full trailer

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Dec 19, 2018, 7:30 PM EST

Angels have it tough — just when everything seems to be going well and you've got things sorted out, God jumps in and casually announces that he's going to to blow up the Earth. So things go in the new TBS limited series Miracle Workers, at least.

Many of us may utter the phrase "Steve Buscemi is God and Daniel Radcliffe is an angel..." from time to time, but with this show, that is actually the case. Steve Buscemi portrays a version of God who has definitely had it, and instead of solving the world's many (many) problems, he drinks and designs restaurants badly. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe plays an angel named Craig, working in the "Answered Prayers Department." He's trying... but he's not doing all that well either.

We've seen a teaser for the show already, but this full trailer gives us a real glimpse of how kooky and insane this series could be. Take a look at the new trailer:

Aside from Buscemi and Radcliffe, the series will also feature Geraldine Viswanathan as an angel named Eliza, who will help Radcliffe's Craig in trying to convince God not to blow up the Earth. Karan Soni (Deadpool) plays God's assistant Sanjay, and Angela Kinsey (The Office) pops up as well. Perhaps it is her presence in the trailer that really drives the "divine workplace comedy" feeling to an almost spiritual place.

How can two angels handle 6 billion prayers a day (seems low) when Craig only manages to get through six? Here's hoping that Eliza is really, really talented.

Created by Simon Rich (Man Seeking Woman), this limited series will premiere on Feb. 12 on TBS. Will you be tuning in, or will you be blindly trusting in whatever Steve Buscemi decides to do with the planet? Send us some prayers in the comments.