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First God Friended Me trailer promises an angel from on high (concept)

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May 16, 2018, 8:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Greg Berlanti's (The CW's Arrowverse) newly announced show, God Friended Me, one of CBS's upcoming fall series, asks the question: “What would you do if you got a friend request from God?”

Granted, if you exist on the internet in any capacity, you probably wouldn’t accept such a request, considering it was likely a parody account spamming you with a bot-powered follow. But if you just humor God Friended Me and its newly released trailer, it gets much weirder and more complicated than that.

Just take a look:

Starring Brandon Micheal Hall and Joe Morton, the show follows a man’s joint journey into conspiracy theory and Christianity after someone claiming to be God messages him on social media. There’s hacking, father-son conflict (like Luke and Vader, as the show claims), and some deity-influenced stalking.

The oddly sappy religious/social media drama seems to be using the missing persons format of narrative, but with a higher power in place of those shows’ slick technological fix-its. There’re also a whole lot of people getting hit by cars.

Though it seems hard to believe that the show’s omniscient social media account could be anything other than a higher power, the mystery of whether or not it is a prank will apparently drive a show that’s trailer is as strange as they come. 

God Friended Me is coming this fall, will you be watching?