First human head transplant coming this winter and it's as wild as it sounds

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Mar 30, 2017, 5:02 PM EDT

Just in case you think life on this planet can't get any more bizarre, an ambitious (or mad) Italian neurosurgeon is scheduling the world's first human head transplant in December.

This Frankenstein-ish procedure will be conducted by Dr. Sergio Canavero on a 30-year-old Russian muscular dystrophy patient, Valery Spiridonov. The details of this insane operation are a bit gory, so I hope you have a stomach for it, because I don't!

Apparently, Spiridonov’s head will be separated from his body and re-attached to the body of an unnamed brain-dead donor. If all goes smoothly (what could possibly go wrong?!) this strange sci-fi procedure will enlist the assistance of more than 150 international doctors, nurses and techs and cost approximately $20 million.

After severing the spinal cord using a special surgical knife designed to control cuts to one millionth of a meter, Canavero hopes Spiridnov will regain full or partial muscle control over his brand-new body. Prior to re-attachment, Spiridonov’s head will be quickly frozen to prevent extreme bleeding.

Actually, I'm feeling a bit light-headed right now myself!

Check out the video of Canavero below and tell us just how crazy you think think this risky medical experiment sounds.

(Via The Chive)