First look at Baron Zemo + more on Black Panther's motivation in Captain America: Civil War

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Apr 14, 2016, 4:30 PM EDT

Marvel took their sweet time, but we finally have our first look at Captain America: Civil War’s mysterious villain, Baron Zemo.

The character’s role in the movie has been kept under wraps ever since the casting announcement, and nothing of the character – no images or footage – has been released so far by Marvel Studios. Until now.  

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Movie Preview, we have our first look at Baron Zemo, aka Helmut Zemo, the “mysterious, manipulative figure who is positioning the heroes against each other.”

Some of you may be disappointed to learn that the Marvel Comics baddie is not expected to don his traditional costume and is said to be a significant departure from the iconic purple-masked comic-book character who led a group called the Masters of Evil. But director Joe Russo says, “He’s still similar to what you know of Zemo, a revenge character.” 


The article also dug a little bit more into T’Challa/Black Panther’s (Chadwick Boseman) motivation in the movie, and why he ultimately gets to be on Team Iron Man’s side. Here's what Boseman told EW:

“He comes into it because, as a world leader, there is a need to make sure there is some sort of control over these superpowers,” Boseman says. “It’s like if there were nuclear weapons, the world leaders would come together at the U.N. and decide who should have them. It’s the same thing with superheroes. He has an interest in making sure this power doesn’t go without some restraints and control and some limitations.”

Kevin Feige had a bit more to say about the Prince of Wakanda, saying this one had the very specific role of being the tie-breaker in the Marvel movie.

“We wanted someone who wasn’t on either side,” says Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, the mastermind of its interlocked series of movies. “We wanted someone who could represent a third party in the argument, which in the original comics he did a little bit. We thought it would be interesting if we could find somebody who didn’t side necessarily either way, except for this very personal thing that happens to him – which is the only reason he’s really aligned in this argument at all.”

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6.

(via EW)