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First look at DC's upcoming Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novel

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Jul 13, 2017, 2:06 PM EDT

There's a certain emerald glow cast upon a DC graphic novel coming next spring that can only be emanating from Hal Jordan's intoxicating Power Ring.

Delving into an alternate origin for the short-tempered, wise-cracking Green Lantern, DC is expanding the range of its Earth One series of books that have already touched upon the reintroduced legends of Batman and Superman.

Written by Corrina Bechko and paired with writer/artist Gabriel Hardman, Green Lantern: Earth One will blast into orbit in 2018 and carries with it a new origin story for the confident Silver Age test pilot turned universal guardian.

In the capable hands of the Star Wars: Legacy creative team, Jordan is now a scientist/astronaut working for Ferris Galactic, laboring as an asteroid prospector who unearths one of the magical Green Lantern Corps finger adornments. The noble Corps has been systematically slaughtered by murderous machines called Manhunters, and Jordan is tasked to rebuild their legions and return the group to their former glory.

"Approaching this as an Earth One story gives us the opportunity to go back to the core concept of Green Lantern and interpret it through the lens of a modern, grounded sci-fi story while still being true to the Silver Age roots of Hal Jordan," Hardman told IGN. "Having storyboarded Interstellar, this is an approach I’m comfortable with and have wanted to explore in comics. Realistic sci-fi is only the beginning of this story; we have something more epic in store."


"Hal Jordan is a smart, capable person with a space and science background who has a lot of untapped potential even before he finds the ring," noted Bechko. "That means he’s going to approach everything the ring does from the perspective of a scientist, but he’s going to employ it for action and adventure. The result for us is the opportunity to fully embrace the science fiction aspects of the story in a way that would be impossible with other characters."

How do you feel about DC tinkering with Hal Jordan's origin story, and will you bathe yourself in Green Lantern's light when this new Earth One graphic novel shines on March 20, 2018?

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