First look at Elongated Man’s costume on Flash, in all its pajamas-esque glory

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Mar 26, 2021, 4:00 PM EDT (Updated)

The CW’s Flash has a surprisingly great track record of translating comic costumes from page to screen, but one of the running gags is that the first attempt doesn’t typically turn out all that well. Sorry, Elongated Man. Just be patient for Cisco’s next design.

One major plot point this season has been the addition of disgraced-cop-turned-private-eye Ralph Dibny to the team, after he gains metahuman powers that will eventually see him grow into comic hero Elongated Man. The Flash recently took Dibny under his super-heroic wing, and next week will find Dibny sporting his first-ever super costume. And it is gloriously terrible. Seriously, just look at it. It’s so … bland. It's like the love child of Zorro and the Neutrals from Futurama.

The costumes are typically designed by team member Cisco, and much like Barry’s first suit, this one looks very much like fancy pajamas. Of course, Cisco nailed the comic stylings in the redesigns. Which, hey, it can’t be easy to create clothing that can stretch along with Dibny’s elongated limbs, right?

The suit will make its debut in Tuesday’s new episode, “When Harry Met Harry,” which will mostly turn the spotlight on the multiverse of different Harrison Wells floating around. But there’s still a bit of time for the proto-Elongated Man hitting the streets.

For the sake of comparison, check out the comic costume (as well as a video teaser for the episode) below:


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