First look at Hot Rod in Transformers: The Last Knight

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Apr 24, 2017, 10:45 AM EDT

One of my favorite Transformers as a young girl (besides Optimus Prime) was a young, brash, headstrong, impetuous, over-confident and arrogant Autobot named Hot Rod. Even though Transformers: The Last Knight is the fifth movie in Michael Bay’s live-action robot franchise, we’re going to meet Hot Rod for the first time in it. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly's Summer Movie Preview, we have a first-look pic.

Fans of the 1980s cartoon series will know that Hot Rod (who was voiced by Judd Nelson) replaced Optimus Prime as leader of the Autobots when the latter died in 1986's The Transformers: The Movie and Hot Rod inherited the Matrix of Leadership, becoming a much wiser Rodimus Prime. I'm not sure how things will play out in The Last Knight, when it's discovered that the war between the alien robots goes back all the way to the Arthurian legend, but I'd be surprised to see Optimus Prime go anywhere.

The Last Knight sees Mark Whalberg star alongside Anthony Hopkins, who's come on board as astronomer Sir Edmund Burton, who, with Hot Rod’s help, has “tracked these long-forgotten connections to another scholar, Oxford professor of English literature Viviane Wembly” (Laura Haddock).

Wembly is unaware she’s the proud owner of a genetic secret that could either destroy or save the world. She also has had a long-time protector in the form of Hot Rod, who has been protecting her disguised as her dad’s 1963 Citroën DS. Let’s just say ... discovering your car is actually a sentient alien robot would freak out ANYONE. As you guys can see:

Transformers: The Last Knight also stars Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Santiego Cabrera, Ken Watanabe, Mitch Pileggi, Isabela Moner and Jerrod Carmichael. The movie will open on June 21.

(via EW)