First look at Kid Flash on the set of Legends of Tomorrow

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Jan 29, 2018, 12:17 PM EST (Updated)

The crew of the Waverider will be gaining a speedster when Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) makes his debut on Legends of Tomorrow. To whet our appetite for the arrival of Kid Flash on the superhero series, a behind-the-scenes pic of Lonsdale suited up alongside Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) has been unveiled.

The picture was released by co-star Nick Zano, who plays Nate Heywood/Steel, via the actor’s Instagram account. Wally will be filling the spots left vacant by the two halves of Firestorm: Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber), who died during the epic “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover event, and Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh), who left at the end of the midseason finale.

Wally West made his debut on The Flash back in Season 2 and became a speedster the following year when Wally’s speedy superpowers were given to him by Alchemy via the Philosopher's Stone. Since the start of Season 4, the character has been a non-factor on The CW superhero series, being present for only a handful of episodes before deciding to leave for a bit of “self-reflection” in Blue Valley after being dumped by then-girlfriend Jesse Quick (Violett Beane).

The arrival of Kid Flash on the Waverider will not only mean that the team will have another engineer to take care of the ship (something Jax had been doing), but the inclusion of a metahuman and speedster will definitely give an edge to the Legends in their battle against the supernatural forces of Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and Mallus.

Executive producer Phil Klemmer recently said of Wally West’s inclusion in Legends of Tomorrow: “So now, Wally West is not only back in the company of old friends from the Arrowverse, he’s fighting alongside a former enemy and career arsonist Mick Rory/Dom Purcell. By the end of this season, Wally will learn that the Legends have a different definition of what it means to be a hero.”

Kid Flash will first arrive on Legends of Tomorrow during the show’s 11th episode, slated to air on Feb. 19, before becoming an official team member in Episode 13. Next up: John Constantine (Matt Ryan) guest-stars in an eagerly anticipated episode when the show returns on Feb. 12 (taking over Supergirl’s spot) with “Daddy Darhkest.”