First look at Marvel Comics' redesigned Thor, which takes some nods from Ragnarok

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

With Thor heading back to the big screen soon, Marvel Comics’ is bringing the Odinson back into the spotlight with a new look that stealthily debuted in last week’s Thor No. 700. Now we have a closer look at the finer points of this short-haired redesign.

The Odinson has been rocking his shorter coif since the Unworthy Thor miniseries, and as he prepares to step back into his role as Thor, it seems the short hair is hair to stay (kind of like the big screen version of the character we’ll see in Thor Ragnarok). Marvel has a long history of aligning the looks of characters across mediums, even if the stories are still wildly different. It seems Jane Foster’s tenure as The Mighty Thor is coming to an end, and after a few years in exile, Thor looks more than ready to pick Mjolnir back up and get to work.

The redesigned costume has some throwback elements mixed in with the version of the character we’ve seen in Unworthy Thor. We get some together shots of the helmet, the boots and suit, the billowing cape, and that rockin’ Uru arm to replace the one ripped off by the Dark Elf Malekith back in 2014. It’s a bit of a Norse Winter Soldier vibe, in the best possible way.

If this really is the end of Jane Foster’s story as Thor, it looks to go out with a bang. Jane has been a breath of fresh air in the role, and has provided fresh narrative territory that has made Thor one of the most compelling characters in Marvel Comics’ line-up. Who knows? Maybe she’ll eventually get her own shot at big screen glory down the line.

Thor Ragnarok opens November 2.

Check out the design via The Hollywood Reporter and Marvel below and let us know what you think: