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First look at mind-bending Peter Pan graphic novel The Wendy Project

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Aug 1, 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to see the classic story of Peter Pan through a brand-new lens, the gorgeous graphic novel The Wendy Project reinvents the tale with mind-bending beauty.

The set-up is both modern and emotional, when stacked up against J.M. Barrie’s original tale. It picks up with a 16-year-old Wendy who crashes her car in New England and is told her youngest brother, Michael, died in the accident. But Wendy insists he’s alive and well in a mysterious land with a flying boy, as the world around her starts to resemble that of Neverland. She soon starts therapy, where she has to grapple with the question of whether Neverland is real or just the manifestation of her own survivor’s guilt from the crash.

It's heavy, admittedly, and easily one of the most imaginative takes on the Pan mythos ever conceived.

The story features art by Veronica Fish (Archie, SLAM!) and marks the graphic novel debut of actress and screenwriter Melissa Jane Osborne. It’s also received a ton of acclaim and fantastic reviews since making its debut in comic form, and now the story is being collected for a full release.

The Wendy Project hit paperback today, and you can check out some sample pages below if you’re not already sold: