First look at The X-Files 'Ghouli' episode puts Mulder and Scully back on William’s trail

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Jan 30, 2018

Who's that rising from a morgue gurney in this new official trailer for "Ghouli," the upcoming fifth installment in The X-Files’ 11th season? We’ll know soon, but already it’s looking as if the newest episode is all about following Mulder and Scully down forking paths of intuition, in the ongoing quest to unravel the mystery that is their son.

It all starts when a pair of teenage girls — each believing the other to be a monster — attack each other, and Mulder and Scully hop on the case. In typical X-Files fashion, though, "Ghouli" looks to follow a circuitous route; one that leads away from the superficial mystery and toward the deeper one. 

The episode doesn’t present the agents with a trail of breadcrumbs; rather, it casts a layered web and leaves it to Mulder and Scully to trace through the maze until that “aha!” moment when they realize they’re looking at a seemingly-unrelated case; one that, in fact, could point them in the direction of their son. 

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In between the clip’s dark and chaotic action shots, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny each weigh in on where "Ghouli" will take the show. Mulder and Scully, says Anderson, “are going down completely separate tracks…in this instance, Mulder is very much going down the track of — it may not be a monster; it may be more a conspiracy.”

Seeing present (as well as past) events unfold through Scully’s eyes also will be key to "Ghouli," adds Duchovny. “If it has an objective storytelling point of view, it’s through Scully’s motherhood,” he says. 

Wherever it leads, we’ll all be caught up soon. "Ghouli" makes its Fox debut Jan. 31 at 8 p.m. ET.

Gillian Anderson returns to Dana Scully. 


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