First look at what's next for Captain Marvel and the Ultimates after Civil War II

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Oct 17, 2016, 11:02 AM EDT

A lot of the heroes from Marvel Comics’ The Ultimates are playing key roles in the Civil War II event, and now we have our first look at what happens in the wake of the superhero showdown.

In a chat with Marvel, writer Al Ewing opened up about the plan for the new Ultimates Squared series that will be spinning out of Civil War II. The current run of Ultimates has been planting seeds about the Comic Jailer, and this new series will see Galactus teaming up with the Ultimates to figure out who has Eternity in shackles. It sounds like a big, crazy, metaphysical pitch that certainly lives up to the hype of the Ultimates being the “big picture” team in the Marvel Universe.

Here’s an excerpt from what Ewing had to say about the series:

“Well, ‘The Cosmic Jailer’ is more of a description than a name, but it’s what we’ve got. Everything about this character that we know already is a huge tease; this is a being that chained and caged Eternity, the sentience of the Marvel multiverse. There’s an Eternity for every universe, but when you zoom out and see all the universes together, that big, absolute Eternity is chained up for some nefarious purpose. Who’s big enough to do that? And why?

Finding that out—solving that mystery—is what the first big arc is all about, to the extent that by issue #6, you'll have a full history of this macro-cosmic menace that goes right back to the beginning of time—and way beyond!”

Check out some sample pages from the relaunched Ultimates below: